Transform your running technique

ARION is a next-generation running wearable that will transform the way you run. Its automated coaching AI will guide you to an improved running technique. This helps to reduce injury risk, improve performance and enhance the running experience.

Runner's World Editor’s pick at CES 2017
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Ultra-thin smart insoles

Advanced sensor technology

The smart, flexible and ultra-thin ARION insoles slip neatly under your existing running shoe insoles. With 8 sensors accurately measuring the interaction between your foot and the ground you are running on, the ARION smart insole transforms your shoe into a running lab.

ARION smart insole

GPS-enabled footpods

Accurately measure your movement

ARION footpods are rugged, waterproof and feature a multi-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS. It's a high-performance instrument collecting and processing valuable data at lightning speed, providing a complete picture of your running technique. 

ARION footpod

The free ARION app

Keep track of your performance

The ARION app is your portal to cutting-edge exercise science, creating simple, intuitive and easy to understand interfaces through which you can transform the way you run. Available for free on iOS and Android.

*Multilanguage support available soon

Track your performance

ARION metrics

All running metrics in a feature-packed system

Simple changes to your running technique can help you run faster, more efficiently and reduce injury risk. Target zones per metric are set automatically and ARION guides you step-by-step with real-time audio feedback. Try to stay within the green zone to progress!

ARION running metrics

Mapping, pace, speed, duration and distance

All essential metrics are available through the free ARION app, even without ARION hardware. Connect to your heart rate monitor and centralize all your data into one platform.

running footstrike


Understand which part of your foot makes initial contact with the ground - your heel, midfoot or forefoot.

running heart rate

Heart rate

Connect with your heart rate monitor and track how hard you are working as you develop your training and running technique.

running cadence


Monitor how many steps you take per minute. Research has shown that changes can significantly affect your efficiency and biomechanical loading.

running stride length

Step length

Gain insight into how big the steps you take are, and understand how changes affect your cadence and pace.

running balance


See which foot you use the most. Very few people are perfectly balanced, but being imbalanced can be an indication of injury, pain or poor function.

running stability


Stability provides an indication of how stable the foot is when it's in contact with the ground. Stability can be correlated with injury risk.

running contact time

Contact time

Contact time refers to the time your foot remains in contact with the ground during each step.

running flight time

Flight time

Flight time refers to the time your feet remains in the air in between steps.

running vertical oscillation

Vertical oscillation

The measure of your vertical motion while running, which is a factor commonly associated with running economy and injury risk.

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Subscription-free online dashboard

Dive into detail with the ARION dashboard

Go even deeper with the subscription-free ARION dashboard. Compare your runs, track your progress and analyze all your running metrics. Connect with other runners and coaches and get expert advice from professionals.

Dashboard Dashboard

Real-time feedback while you run

Real-time audio coaching feedback

ARION provides real-time feedback to create a wearable coaching experience. Receive audio and visual feedback from your smartphone so you can make adjustments in real-time with every step you take.


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